Nature Study: Ants and a Beetle

A3 has been watching ants consume dead beetles, and yesterday he squished all the beetles on the porch to “help” the ants. 

Later, he saw ants carrying a different type of bug across the porch and down the steps. We talked about how the Proverbs use the ant to illustrate hard work and cooperation. 

He observed them for about 20 minutes and then was curious what would happen if he interfered with their work. 

He blew on the beetle and ants, moving them off course. And laughed. And did it again, blowing the beetle and the ants off the ledge. The ants scurried frantically, but continued carrying the big along. 


Cotton Candy Pink Clouds

A3 asked to go to the beach for sunset.

So my kid!

We couldn’t, but we did watch it from the balcony.

I don’t have an ocean view, but my bedroom balcony faces west and makes me happy. We all know I’m not an early bird!

Still, when I’m nursing the baby at 6:30 in the morning, I can see the reflections of the sunrise…

Blue skies, cotton candy pink clouds.