The Passing StormĀ 


 Tonight’s sunset… No beautiful colors, but glorious just the same. These grey clouds are the tail end of the storm Erika, which has downgraded to just a tropical depression. 
While we mourn the lives lost in the Dominican Republic, we rejoice that it brought needed rain and not devastation elsewhere. 
Tonight A3 and I were reading his “Jesus Storybook Bible” about when the wind and waves obeyed Jesus. Probably for the first time, A3 made a connection between a story we read and our life. “We p’ayed, and the sto’m passed us by!”
Not all storms of life pass us by… But Jesus is with us in the midst of them anyway. 


Hard Water Help?

Some Facebook friends helped me identify that this mess is a result of hard water, and provided some strategies to deal with it in the kitchen.

Nassau is basically an island composed of limestone, so it makes sense lime and minerals leach into the water. I’ve lived places with semi-hard water before, but nothing like this. 

Now I’m wondering…

  • What about laundry? Do I need to add anything to my usual detergent to help get clothes clean? Will they discolor? Does the hard water make them wear out faster?
  • What about keeping our bodies clean? My face does feel weird after I wash it… Does my skin need something to protect it? (Wearing daily sunscreen!) I’ve got long hair — what does hard water do to hair?
  • What about out health?  We have bottles water delivered and use that for our primary drinking water, but my understanding is the tap and water in restaurants is drinkable. I use it for cooking, and when getting low on bottled water, use it for coffee and tea. 

Always something new to learn about normal, daily life when moving to a new country. I’d love to hear your practical strategies for living in hard water areas. 

“The” Ukraine and “The” Bahamas

Weird cross-cultural hang up. . .

In Ukraine, it is a serious political faux pas to say “The Ukraine” — as many of us grew up saying during the Cold War. It implies that Ukraine is “the borderlands” of Russia, and that Ukraine isn’t a state in its own right.

However, the proper term here is The Bahamas. It’s on the government documents and money.

But, I just. can’t. say. it. I can’t say “The”. . .

I hope I’m not offending any Bahamians or making another political faux pas by just saying Bahamas.