Looking for an “Angel Donor”

I wrote about my visit to Logos Center last week.

The heating system is still not fully funded, and the winter is getting colder.

There are rolling blackouts in parts of Ukraine, including Kyiv. This is to conserve the state’s energy resources for the winter.

The Logos Center heating system will help them be more independent of the state heating system, and allow them to both keep the current residents warm and welcome more refugees/IDPs.

With the Fedoriw Family Foundation’s generous pledge to match all gifts to the heating system, JUST ONE ANGEL DONOR who can give $10,000 will result in full funding of the remaining budget for the heating system!

Is there an Angel Donor out there for Logos?

Give online via Logos Go Fund Me.
To have your gift doubled, please earmark it: Heating System Fund Doubled By Fedoriw Family Foundation


Author: TulipGirl

Alexandra K. Bush. Six kids. INFP. Reformed & covenantal. Liberty & justice for all. Speaker. Author. Current project: Helping parents connect with teens.

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