Sweet Reading, Sweet Dreams

Eloise Wilkin

A2 and I read this before bed… nine Eloise Wilkin Golden Books in one volume. After we finished, he was asleep in less than five minutes.


Flowers from a Babushka

An old woman in a white sunhat adorned with a flower was sitting on the corner selling bouquets. I bought this one, her last, for two dollars and watched her gather her things to go home.

Flowers from a Babushka

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day seems to be a Big Deal for me when I’m overseas. But it is also a Lot of Work for Hubby. He looked dashing when he headed off to his official function in his seersucker suit. The Fourth of July function he attended was at the end of a crazy week, following a crazy month, following a crazy year.

So we stayed low key for our family celebration. We had blueberries and strawberries in yogurt for breakfast. We picnicked on the floor with some of our favorite American foods — southern pork honey and mustard bbq, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, sweet tea, corn bread, greens. . . Our friend Olya joined us. She brought us a Kyivski torte (hazelnut, chocolate and meringue cake.)

The kids and I also went to the American Chamber of Commerce big to-do. We thought there would be fireworks, but were disappointed. Still, it was fun.

Indoor Picnic on the 4th!
Indoor Picnic on the 4th!
With our friend, Olya
This is the face A2 makes when we say “smile!” We celebrated with our friend, Olya.
Gotta love a job that calls for a seersucker suit on the 4th!
Gotta love a job that calls for a seersucker suit on the 4th!