Христос Воскрес!

Our home church in Kyiv is the English service of Church of the Holy Trinity. We meet in the afternoon, so Easter Sunday morning was free. We had a special breakfast, and then went to visit Babushka Katya, who is a lay nun with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Easter with Babushka

Babushka helped us take care of the boys when we lived in Kyiv before. C13 was barely a year old when we first arrived. She was always her special one, though she adored all of the boys. Babushka sang Russian lullabyes to C13, took the boys exploring through the parks in Kyiv, and even brought them to her dacha in Crimea.

When we returned to Kyiv, we thought that Babushka would help us with A2 often. But the reality is that she is in a different season in life and is dedicated to her service at the church and the hospital. Babushka is a nurse by training. She was among the early responders to Chernobyl, and was the head of the radiation department at a hospital in Kyiv.

I made pascha bread for the first time this year, rich in eggs and butter. We brought Babushka pascha and eggs that C13 and I dyed. We were able to visit for about an hour and had some special time together. We watched the lay nuns all get ice cream bars after the priest left, and Baby A chased pigeons.

The Lay Nuns

The Kitchen

Babushkas Church

Христос Воскрес! Воістину Воскрес!